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Food Stickers

Food Label is the first intermediary to approach consumers. It can be an introduction, branding, and message of your food. Food product label is one the most important marketing tool in order to be outstanding in the market and be successful. We provide economical price to your quality label.

Bottle Stickers

We print numerous type of bottle labels, for example beverage labels, cosmetic labels, sauce labels, and etc. Our labels can be die-cut into any shapes to fit yours product. Gloss or Matt Lamination can make your bottle labels more bright and gloss.

Product Stickers

Product Label is the best marketing tool for branding and advertising your brand to the public. We are able to print full color and custom shape label to attract your customer in the first sight.

Industry Stickers

There are various type of materials that served industrial needs. The type of material used can be varied on different surface, type of devices and /or machine, working environment, etc. For example, Polyester label is highly recommended for heat- generated electronic device /machine. It comes with bright or matte silver surface, / bright gold / white-based.

Pharmaceutical Stickers

We manufacture clear and contrast pharmaceutical stickers to assure that patients and others can read the medical instructions properly. We also provide paper or film base stickers upon request from customers.

Security Stickers

There are various materials that can be used for warranty stickers, for example Holographic materials, Destructive PVC, Tissue Paper and etc. Each of them presents different security purposes:- Destructive PVC sticker is extremely fragile and breakable with minimum effort, Holographic material will leave residues onto the product when someone attempt to tear it off, we have code "Valid" silver honey comb release effect and code "Original" Total Release Effect Sticker. Tissue Paper has softer texture that usually come with security die-cut in order to secure the validity of warranty.


Transparent Stickers

Transparent sticker is widely used across industries for different purposes. We provide our customers sharp and clear-cut printing on transparent stickers. The finishing of the material can be gloss lamination or matte lamination depends on customers’ request.

Hotstamping Stickers

Hotstamping Sticker is a foil finishing service sticker. It is eye catching and usually for brand products. It always get second glance from the customers instead of others normal printing products. Available in Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Void Sticker

Void Warranty Seal Sticker, when remove the sticker will left "void" wording on the surface. Tamper proof sticker to prevent or prove the product have been open or used. Available in Matt Silver, White color.


Promotional Stickers

We also print promotional stickers/labels for temporary offerings. For instance, when a certain product is set at a special pricing where the sellers would want to emphasize on the pricing or value offers. For example, discounts, free products or rebates upon purchase value and so on. We offer various material and many shapes of die-cuts to suit our customers’ needs.

Rainbow Holographic Sticker

Rainbow Holographic Sticker usually for promotion sticker or tamper proof sticker,               it can be with/without honeycomb release effect. 


Kraft Paper

Brownish paper for natural appearance. 

Barcode Stickers

Barcode stickers contain special code and product specific information which is important at the point-of-sale. It is a machine-readable label that can be printed on Art Paper or other materials. The variable data of the labels can be a specific code. Any serial/ random number and barcode is available.

Computer Form Stickers/ Pre-Print Label/ Blank Stickers

We offer spot and full process colors computer labels with a variety of size and materials. These can be custom-made to fulfill our customer’s requirements. It can be a pre-printed or blank computer label depends on the customers' usage. Please look for Pre-print Label Guide for more informations.


Fluorescent Stickers

These stickers can be provided in various shapes, forms, or sizes. It is multipurpose:- indication stickers, logos, pre-print and etc. Available in Green/ Red/ Yellow/ Orange/ Pink Color.

Nylon & Satin Labels

Nylon Taffeta and Soft Satin labels are available in different width, and the most popular sizes we provided is 16mm or 25mm width (length is subjected to the designs of labels). These labels are widely used among fashion and hospitality industries to indicate their brand name or washing care instructions. Whereas Hard Satin labels are common in labeling of mattress, pillow, bolster, etc.